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Hank Wolfla
Extra Class
K9LZJ Ham Since 1958
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
SDR radio technology, HPSDR & Hermes transceivers
Wire antenna design and use
Construction projects for home and remote station
Remote ham radio control
Travel to distant locations for ham radio
Visit my Utube "K9LZJ" site for information on my club station W9VW - Also visit "W9VW" for video on antennas.
Hold the VK6AW call for the time I spend in Perth, AU during the Indiana winters.

Home: Flex Radio SDR 5000, ICOM PW1 amp, Mobile VHF/UHF equipment
Barn Remote Station: Icom 7100, K3, TS20000 2 el 40 meter beam, 2 el force 12 beam, 4 el steppIR beam, 2 meter, 440 meter, 1.2 Gig. beams. UHF/VHF and 220 verticals, Green Herron Rotors, N8PL radio control systems, computers, etc.
See UTube K9LZJ for remote station information
See W9VW UTube video for antenna information

Other Interests
Technical Excellence Award received by the Indiana Radio Club Council.
Scuba Diving, Travel to VK6 area yearly to visit daughter and son in law in Perth, AU

Indianapolis Radio Club

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