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John Greenough
General Class
K8JGG Ham Since 1992
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I received my first license in 92. For many years I enjoyed VHF/UHF operating including emergency communications until 2001. After a 7 yr absence and now disabled from chronic health issues I started over in 2008. I passed my General on June 18, 2016.

My home made antenna doublet with ladderline feed gets me on all bands I care to work.

Making your own antenna is rewarding. I love to work stations all across the USA, and I love to work QRP on my FT-817ND. It is fun making new friends across the globe. Everyone says life is too short for QRP, well ham radio is too short for people that complain about the bands, just get out and have some FUN........

Yaesu FT-817nd or FT-857D depending on what I feel like.
MFJ-971 homebrew 80m doublet with ladder line feed.

Other Interests
My wife and I have been married 30 years and 2 children 26 and 22. We are empty nesters now. My wife Carol suffers from Multiple Sclerosis for 25+ yrs and is disabled and home bound. I'm her caregiver and chief cook and bottle washer. We make best out of our situation. Living life everyday and doing what we can. 73 Thanks for stopping by.

- John

7240 Club # 1518
YL System # 17330
Brothers Net # 917
OMISS #10783
Nightwatch Net
Michigan Buzzard Roost Net

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no manual, and missing battery cover. It works fine just too big for me to handle it now. 73 K8JGG
K8JGG's Blog Post - 8/22/2018 2:36:07 PM


Well a friend recommended this site and I got it setup, this working on a few things. I LOVE to run my QRP station making new friends everywhere. I recently upgraded to a new to me big brother 857d to my 817nd. I have a few other items I will be re-homing soon. 73 John
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