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Donald Schwab
General Class
K6IAA Ham Since 1973
United States

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PSK*31, CW, and SSB on HF bands, FM repeaters, WinLink, Laguna Woods Amateur Radio Club, RACES member. OMISS Member and SKCC member.

I was born in San Gabriel, Ca. in 1939. My first interest in radio began at 12 years of age when I saw my first crystal radio set. I was fascinated. I built several crystal sets as a kid. I spent many nights laying in bed listening to KFI in Los Angeles. I started reading Popular Electronics and a few other electronic magazines of that era and became more and more interested in electronics.

I served in the US Navy for 4 years as a shipboard electrician. After the service stint, I was working at Douglas Aircraft (later to become McDonnell Douglas, and then Boeing). In 1973 I got my Novice License (5 WPM CW) and did the Novice 40 and 80 meter CW for a year and a half. I built my code speed up to 15 WPM so I could pass the 13 WPM requirement for General. In 1974 I took a test at the Los Angeles Federal Building FCC Office and upgraded to General.

My call signs have been WN6DWN, WB6DWN and WB5ZNA, KC6TMQ and is now K6IAA. I enjoy 2 Meter and 440 MHz FM, and HF bands (10 through 80 meters) Single Sideband Voice, Morse Code & Digital modes, especially PSK.

IC-718, IC-745, Outbacker antenna

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OMISS Member # 7391
OMISS Member # 7391

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Life is Simple
Life is Simple

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Don - K6IAA
Don - K6IAA

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