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Mike Tuggle
General Class
K1CSA Ham Since 2012
United States

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Other Callsigns
My previous callsign was KK4JAY. But got K1CSA on 12/26/13.

My Ham Radio Interests
I really enjoy meeting other hams and rag chewing with most any ham. I love getting on the air.

Just have a few Item at this time. A couple of HTs, FT2600M, FT8900R, IC7000 and IC207. Several antennas and other pieces.

Other Interests
I enjoy the out doors. And most any thing that goes with it, other than the cold.
And anything that goes bang. The bigger the better.



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you don't see this every day

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"you don't see this every day"
"you don't see this every day" - Ham Radio Pictures