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John Maass
Extra Class
K7JKZ Ham Since 1959
United States

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Other Callsigns
KN7JKZ (Novice); W1GWS; NNN0WAD (Navy MARS)

My Ham Radio Interests
Just now I'm in a 19-inch rack-mount phase. I'll rack-mount your dog if he comes with rails.

Wouxun hand held radios for 2M/1-1/4CM and 2M/70CM. Working on a homebrew two-transistor 30-meter CW QRP transmitter. Working with a European television dongle project to make an SDR VHF/UHF/SHF receiver. I did get a surplus Dell PowerEdge 1850 server mounted into my server cabinet and it is up and running. Truth is, all my projects crawl along slowly. I dream of dancing lightly, element to element, on the ultimate log periodic array, Rohn tower for the boom, me riding as it circles to a new heading, waving as QSL cards come floating in from the clouds. (c)K7JKZ

Other Interests
Ex-Radioman 2/c, U.S. Navy (SS)
Trying to stay in practice with my Fender Jazz bass.

After years away, once again a proud member of the ARRL. Discovering the repeater clubs in and around Oklahoma City.

Rack-mount the world

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"Rack-mount the world"
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