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Harold Giddings
Technician Class
KR0SIV Ham Since 2012
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
My current interest is to make contact with an amateur satellite, I'm working on my General and would like to soon move up to HF where I can get out better range than just my local 50Watts Max on 2M.

Icom 281H 2m radio
Baofeng (unlocked) UV-5R 2m/70cm
and... Some other 2m I forget the model/brand.

I also have a scanner, some modified RX only usb devices for wide-band ADS-B, WFM, GPS, Etc :)

Pro-97 Scanner

Other Interests
Hardware modification/design
Basically any technology will peak my interests!

ACARC - Ashtabula County

My Frequency Allocation Poster

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