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Paolo Fallini
Technician Class
CX2UA Uruguay

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My Ham Radio Interests
They interest all the ways to me of communication from HF to UHF and from amplitude modulated to the digital ways packet that I think is even the best one of the digital ways.
When it does not have good conditions of propagation are good moment to spend completely to some new project that always I have in mind, either transverter, a new amplifier or another complement for my station of radio ham.

Me interesan todos los modos de comunicacion desde hf hasta uhf y desde amplitud modulada hasta los modos digitales incluso el packet que opino es el mejor de los modos digitales.
Cuando no hay buenas condiciones de propagacion es buen momento para dedicarse de lleno a algun nuevo proyecto que siempre tengo en mente, ya sea un transverter, un nuevo amplificador u otro complemento para mi estaciĆ³n de radioaficionado.

Yaesu FT901D ,kenwood R-2000 and VC10 Transmitter PWM 100 watts homemade - FT301-D and FP 301-D, FT-840, FT-11R, IC-2410H, FT-2400, DR112, IC-PS15, MD-1, MC-85, YS-60, BIRD 43 and Dummy Loads, Antenna Analyzer , RF amplifier homemade from hf, 50 MHZ and 144 MHZ, Transverter Ten Tec 1208 50 mhz and 144 mhz I am always constructing some new equipment for my radio station.

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