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John Young
Extra Class
W3CPO Ham Since 2011
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Old boatanchor equipment. I like SSB DX on 20 & 40M. I've been seriously involved in radio & electronics since 1959 (my first issue of Popular Electronics is dated December, 1959). I was too pompous to take the Novice test in the comfort of my electronics teacher's home, so I went for the General Class back in 1967 when the code test was tough. I got dusted and put HAM radio on hold for 45 years. I was testing and aligning my old AM stuff for sale on eBay when I got interested again. The whole story is on my QRZ and Flickr pages.

- Swan HF-700 CX SSB Special (dual 8950 outputs, 450W PEP)
- Swan HF-700CX "regular" (dual 6LB6 outputs, 400-450W PEP)
- Swan HF-700S SSB Special (dual 6MJ6 outputs, 300W PEP)
- Yaesu FT-101E (100W output)
- Kenwood TS-930S (120W PEP, my baby)
- Kenwood TS-830S (120W PEP, very fun rig to use
- Kenwood TS-130S (vacation & beach rig)
- Atlas 210X (everyday portable rig)
- Hammarlund HQ-170C (works great, so does clock)
- Scopes, Meters, LCR's and too much other stuff to list.

Other Interests
Mountainbiking, fishing, photography, etc.


Aligning my HQ-170C

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"Aligning my HQ-170C"
"Aligning my HQ-170C" - Ham Radio Pictures