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Richard Duell
General Class
W9LSD Ham Since 1959
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Operating in Dx Contests.Homebrewing equipment and antennas.

Radios: FT-840,Icom 735,FT-1802,VR-150 handheld,MFJ-941 antenna tuner,SST T-2 antenna tuner,homebrew roller inductor antenna tuner,SEC 25 amp power supply,Heath AM-2 swr bridge,Radio Shack swr/power meter,Ten-Tec KR-20A electronic keyer, J-38 and J-44 keys.

Test equipment: Heath OM-2 scope(upgrades made), Eico 324 rf signal generator(upgrades made),Heath IM-13 vtvm,B&K dvm,B&K hv probe.

Antennas: 4BTV vertical,80/40 meter trap dipole(homebrew), 2 meter 5/8 wave vertical(homebrew).

Homebrew test equipment:Low power dummy load,Capacitance tester, Inductance tester,Time mark generator,Rf probe,Signal tracer,Signal injector,frequency counter.

Projects: 6AQ5 5 watt qrp tx,Mighty Midget tube rx,Butternut mini beam HF5B,160/80 meter compacted vertical.

Other Interests
Civil war history,Civil war reenacting,woodworking and family history.

Titusville Amateur Radio Club. Arrl

Novice Ham shack-1960.

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"Novice Ham shack-1960."
"Novice Ham shack-1960." - Ham Radio Pictures