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Basilie Bill Actipis
General Class
N1ASS Ham Since 1991
United States

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My mobile set up is a Icom IC-7000 with a SGC,SG-500 Smart PowerCube and( ) shorty II 6-160 meters screwdriver antenna with a 84" inch whip in the middle of the roof on my 93 Honda Civic.My VHF and UHF antenna is comet 2x4 MB or a Diamond SG7900.

I have a 100 foot tower in 6 andhalf yards of concrete free standing,My dual band 2x4 max comet Antenna is at 123 feet.The 10-160 meter CW-160 Carolina Windom is at 90 feet.I am running a Yaesu FT-DX5000D,Yaesu FT-450/AT,Yaesu FT-847,Yaesu-FT-900,or a Yaesu FT-1000MP or a Icom IC-7000 or a Kenwood TS-20000X with a Heil Classic 5 Mic or a Heil Pro Elite Headset with the HC-6 element and W2IHY 8 band Eq and Eqplus,.My main amp now is a Alpha 77DX,10-160L Dentron Amp or a SG-500 SmartPowerCube Solid State Amp and 2 Astron's 70 amp supply's for the hunger of the Amp,10-160 3 KW Dentron Monitor Tuner.I have made a lot of great contacts and it's a lot of great Hams out there.Stop by on 3.976.00 between 9:00AM to 12:00AM or 3.850.00 after 7:00PM to 11:00PM and also I'll be Operating as Service Control Operator on 7.258.00 Mid Cars on Thursays between 11:00AM to 12:00PM and say Hi.Go to detail and check Web Page,I am the one on the far left in picture with full Beard and Gray T-Shirt.73Bill - N1ASS.

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