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Steven Wamback
Extra Class
KK2W Ham Since 1972
United States

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Other Callsigns
WN2IDG (1973?)
N2VPI (1993-2008)
KK2W (2008-Present)

My Ham Radio Interests
Radio Astronomy
Solar Science
Meteors and Meteor Scatter

About The Author:

Having graduated from The State University of New York College at Fredonia, New York with degrees in both the Geological and Biological Sciences, Steven J. Wamback has worked as a biologist, geologist, and environmental scientist on various projects within the realms of hazardous waste site remediation; wetlands identification, delineation, and mapping; groundwater exploration and protection; natural resource conservation; technical project writing and editing; and public education. He is looking forward to future projects and opportunities in Public Service, Education, and in conserving and protecting natural environmental resources, land, water, wetlands, fish, and wildlife. Steve finds himself at home with his family in Angola, New York on the shores of Lake Erie and enjoys fossil hunting and Amateur Radio when time permits.

Ten-Tec Jupiter 100 watts barefoot or less
Dentron Tuner
G5RV-fed with 300 ohm TV wire
Straight Key
Sure Microphone

Other Interests
Science Nature Environment
Biology Geology Paleontology
History Archaeology Genealogy
Wildlife Conservation Birds
Birds Fish Animal Ecology
Amateur Radio Ham Radio KK2W
Astronomy Solar Meteor Science
Reading Writing Literature
Sexuality Gender Psychology
Family Cooking Sausage Making
Gardening Landscaping Trees
Sociology Relationships Dating
Telescopes Microscopes Radios
Short Wave Radio QSL Cards
Rocks Minerals Fossils
Stamps Coins Books Art
Parenting Grandparenting Kids
Tropical Coral Reefs Travel
Food Eating Cooking Meat Food


KK2W QSL Card Design #2 by UX5UO Print in Ukraine

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"KK2W QSL Card Design #2 by UX5UO Print in Ukraine"
"KK2W QSL Card Design #2 by UX5UO Print in Ukraine" - Ham Radio Pictures