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Paul Stagno
General Class
W0PAS Ham Since 1990
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
My interests in Ham Radio are centered around HF operations of Digital Modes. I can be found mostly on PSK and MFSK with picture tranfers on 80 thru 20 mtr's most days. I was almost exclusively a CW op for 10 years till I got interested in the other digital modes. Been licensed since 1990. I enjoy the older rigs and repair/modify most of my own radios.
. Interface: Homebrew KK7UQ design isolated
. PC HP Intel i7 Quad core Windows 10
. Operator: 1953 vintage licensed since 1990

Current Digital station consists of one of the following RIGS
Kenwood TS-990 Flagship
FlexRadio Flex-5000A software defined radio
Ten Tec Omni VI plus with Dual INRAD 600hz roofing filters
FT-1000D with INRAD roofing filter
SSB Zeus ZS-1 SDR transceiver

Carolina Windom 135ft up 35 ft.with MFJ 993b autotuner OR:

88 ft 20 mtr Double extended Zepp 35ft up fed with ladderline/Palstar balanced L tuner 20 mtr

Other Interests
Time and Frequency Measurements
FLYFISHING and Flytying
Wine appreciation
Forced House repair

FISTS #4160
Various Digital Mode Clubs

EPC #14284 070 #369 30MDG #4447 DMC #892

FLEX-5000A SDR radio

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