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Greg Bell
General Class
KC9PFX Ham Since 2009
United States

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Greetings! The name here is Greg. I received my Tech license in March of 2009, and upgraded to General in January of 2010.

My base HF radio is an Icom IC-7200.

My portable HF rig is an Icom IC-703+, with a Yaesu FT-8800R beside it for VHF/UHF in an Emergency Communications Box I made.

The main HF antenna is a homebrewed Carolina Windom 40' up in the trees behind our home.

The main VHF/UHF antenna is a Diamond X50NA about 25' above ground level in our attic.

The portable HF antenna at this time is a 50' 26awg random wire sloping up to a 20' crappie pole with the 50' counterpoise on the ground beneath it.

The portable HF antenna is fed into a homebrewed UnUn and then to the IC-703's built-in antenna tuner.

My 10 year old daughter, 12 year old son, and I learned Morse Code together.

Lately, I've been using the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter, WSPR (pronounced "whisper") on 20m and 30m with domestic and intercontinental contacts made using less than 1 watt!

WSPR contact on 20m with DH5RAE in Germany.
Distance 4583.5 mi (7376.4 km) using only 5mW = 916,700 miles/watt

73 and hope to catch you on the air soon!

Greg, KC9PFX

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