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Tom Fritz
Standard Class
KC2SKV Ham Since 1985
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Hey folks!

I'm Tom, a Keydown Lover . . . !

My ham radio interest started in the 70s when I got my first 3 channel walkie-talkie.
This was real a crazy toy, but not enough. I wanted more, so I started with citizen-band,
followed by pirate band DXing That was a great time and not to forget!

In 1980s I became a SWL, using a very nice FRG-7 receiver and just a random length piece of wire.
I spent hours listening fellow ham radio operators and “strange signals form outer-space”
This was fun and I learned a lot, but still there was something missing:
I was dreaming, about being able to join those "outer-space- conversations" myself.
So I started to learn the ham lessons, to become a radio amateur.

At last, I was able to go “on air”! Using a old transmitter with homebrew antenna and
only a few W output power. I was happy having my first contacts with stations real far away.

That was indeed a golden age, no PLC (broadband over power lines), no cordless bells,
no baby alarms, no nosey neighbours, thinking their goldfish had died because of a local
ham’s transmitter X-ray! . . . i doing: QRP ! . . . or was it: QRO ?

My Professions: I learnt electronics, extended by college for mechatronics-engineering. Supplemented by
a second career, as a automotive craftsman with master degree. So I got all the knowledge,
which should help me to do also nice technical projects in my ham radio career.

Due to personal circumstances I had a few years break from ham radio. My interest in ham radio
reinvigorated when I was in the USA and there I got my new call sign, KC2SKV.
Now, I spend my time at lovely place and here I do my vocation "ham radio".
© by tom, 2012

Liebe Nachbarn, Freunde, Verwandte und Geschäftskunden
solltet ihr zufällig auf meine QRZ Seite geklickt haben
so freut es mich, dass wir vermutlich ein gemeinsames Hobby haben!

Hobby - Amateurfunk ist: "mit möglichst größtem Aufwand und fianziellen Mitteln, den geringsten Nutzen zu erzielen !

A collection of short-wave, UHF and VHF RX/TRX and
various servic- & measuring- instruments up to Ghz

Other Interests for nice projects!

The QRO-Headbangers Association

...this is my project QRO - power PA

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"...this is my project QRO - power PA "
"...this is my project QRO -  power PA " - Ham Radio Pictures