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Ray Gasnick
Extra Class
KC2URX Ham Since 2009
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Started with radio with CB in the early '70s. I was in the Boy Scouts and an older friend was a Ham and introduced me to the hobby but I didn't pursue it at the time. In 1980 I was in GMRS and learned from my local dealer who became my friend to install radios and do tower work. At work which was a tree service, I was in charge of communications for the company which was on 800 Mhz conventional at the time.
We later lost the repeater and I switched to low band which gave great coverage and got the ham bug from hearing skip on 49 Mhz. I also did tower work for commercial radio. Convinced my wife, KC2URW to take the Tech test with me and we both passed with flying colors. A year later I passed my General test. Looking forward to working the hf bands.

Three Yaesu FT-7800 and Two Yaesu VX-6R plus two Motorola UHF Portables, an Alinco DR-235 220 Mhz radio and a Yaesu FT-450D.

Other Interests
I love to travel esp to Australia and our National Parks. We have been to almost all of the major ones. The US Navy, Air and Sea. I love to go hiking, go to animal parks and hands on with wild animals esp. tigers. Photography: both film and digital.

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