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Roland Pajarillo
Extra Class
DU1KGJ Ham Since 1989

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My Ham Radio Interests
My best friend introduced me to CB band during my college days and their passion was CB dxing. , i purchased an old midland cb radio from a friend from then on, I slowly discovered the world of wireless communication, after passing a ham radio exams , I was able to purchased a 10m rig, Uniden HR2600, that served as a my entry rig in the world of ham radio. Though my rig is only a low power rig, i enjoyed very much working on 10m with my 3 el homebrew yagi, and my X beam. I worked a lot of dx with that mini radio. europe, asia, africa, north america, oceania etc...tried working on the 10m fm. checking in on the nets in ja on 10m fm and even working dx via 10m rpt...mot to mention the friends that i met on the air and till now still my friends after 20+ years passed hihi....

My other interests:
bikes, scooter, dxpeditions, antenna homebrewing

Icom 781

Amp: TL-922

40m bumblebee antenna

Icom 970
Yaesu 847
Ant: 13 ele el Cubical Quad on 2m

Other Interests

York Region Amateur Radio Club (VE)

DY1C Expedition Team 2009, Cuyo Island

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"DY1C Expedition Team 2009, Cuyo Island"
"DY1C Expedition Team 2009, Cuyo Island" - Ham Radio Pictures