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Trevor Thompson
Advanced Class
GI4SIZ Ham Since 1983
United Kingdom

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My Ham Radio Interests
Enjoy both SSB and Data modes.

Tx - Yaesu FT-1000MP MARK-V Field
Antennae - Hy-Gain TH3 MK-IV
Cushcraft A3WS
Carolina Windim (160-80-40-30)
Tuner - Linear Amp Uk Super Tuner
Amp - Linear Amp UK Challenger III
Power Master power meter
Ameritron RCS-4 Remote coax switch
RIGblaster plus for data modes.
Yaesu G-1000 Rotator
60 Foot wind up tilt over tower
Yaesu Ft 8800 for 2 & 70 cms

Other Interests
Collecting IOTA's

IPA (International Police Association)# GB84095
1010# 61537 -
EPC# 564 NI13 - 30MDG# 395

Antenna's of GI4SIZ