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Michael Sand
General Class
K9MYT Ham Since 2008
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I am originally from Warsaw,Indiana and moved to Florida in 1985 and love the sunshine state. I owe my ham hobby to a good friend Tom Buchan n9al who always helped me back in the day in Indiana with my CB radio equipment tunning mobile antenna's on my dad's fiat (Dual Hustler's) also helping me with morse code and taking me over to the Dayton Hamvention one year WOW was that awesome.

Another friend Jerry Robbins W9OEM helped push me to get interested back into ham radio by going to a ham fest and providing me with his copy of the testing book to start studying for the technician test passing it with flying colors.

Thanks very much to both of you guys!!! You are great friends and did what a true ham (ELMER) is supposed to do for a future ham operator.

New shack in progress as I just purchased a new Yaesu FT-950 10-160 meters radio, Yaesu FP-1030A Power supply, Heathkit SB-201 Amplifier, Heil GM-5 Goldline Microphone, W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer and Noise gate, Icom IC-730 10-80 meters radio,Icom SM-8 Mic., IC-SP3 matching speaker, Icom PS-125 power supply to run it, Carolina Windom 6-80 Antenna 40' in the air Flattop, 6 meter vertical ,LDG Electronics AT-1000 PRO Autotuner, LDG Electronics AT-200 PRO Autotuner.

Yaesu 8800 2m/70cm Dual bander Diawa CN-103M SWR Meter 140mhz-525mhz., MFJ1868 Discone Antenna 6/2/11/4 Meters, 70/33/23 CM 30ft. in the air.

Just added a new 20 & 40 & 75 meter horizontal dipole antenna with rotor 16ft high.

Backup 2m mobile is a Radio Shack HTX-252.

PRO-2052 Radio Shack Scanner 1,000 channels.

Bearcat BC350C Scanner Mobile 100 channels.

Computer Pentium 4 3.2ghz & (4gigs of ddr2 ram), Hard Drives are 2 internal 500gb and 1 external 500gb with FT-950 hooked up to EchoLink & Ham Radio Deluxe with dual 22" widescreen monitors, Video card Radeon X1650 512meg. w/dual DVI.

Mobile is a HF Yaesu FT-857D and Yaesu ATAS-120A antenna and Yaesu FTM-350R 2m/70cm Dual bander APRS & GPS, Diamond Dual Band Super Gainer Antenna 2m/70cm.

Yaesu VX-6R Tri-band 144/220/440 MHz. Handheld

Yaesu VX-8R Quad-band 50/144/220/440 Mhz. Handheld


NIMS Courses Certified: IS-100.a & IS-100.HE & IS-200.a & IS-700.a, IS-800.b

ARRL/ARECC Level 1 Certified



Other Interests

SATERN -Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network

C.E.R.T. Community Emergency Response Team -Seminole County FL

ARES/RACES -Member Seminole County, FL

FT-950 & 8 Band EQ and Heil Mic & Boom

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"FT-950 & 8 Band EQ and Heil Mic & Boom"
"FT-950 & 8 Band EQ and Heil Mic & Boom" - Ham Radio Pictures