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Andreas Benson
General Class
K7ATB United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I’m a retired US Naval Submarine Sailor that has been around the world under water. Have had the opportunity to visit many different countries and see many different cultures. I’ve made lots of friends around the world over the twenty years I spent in the Navy. Many of them are Ham Radio Operators and I hope the maintain contact with them.


Yaesu FT-980 w/Matching SP-5 w/Phone Patch.
Kenwood TS-830S, VFO-230, AT-230, SM-220, SP-520, PC-1
HeathKit HA-10 WARRIOR
Dentron Super Tuner
Kenwood TN-451 (440 Mhz)
Yaesu FT-2800M (2M) & FT-311RM (220 Mhz)
Radio Shack HTX-10 (10 Meter)

Other Interests


Local Talk stuff (2m, 220, 440, and 10 meter)

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"Local Talk stuff (2m, 220, 440, and 10 meter)"
"Local Talk stuff (2m, 220, 440, and 10 meter)" - Ham Radio Pictures