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Norman Triantafilos
General Class
KB9YGD Ham Since 2000
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I live in Lake Station Indiana and and am 65 yeras old and I work all the bands from 160 to 70cm & like to contest all modes including 2m cw/ssb.I love to chase DX on cw/ssb and use arrl LOTW.

Wire antennas with A-99 at 30 ft,diamond X-510ma 40 ft,M2 HO Loops at 30 ft,C.C. 6 element beam for 70cm.

Other Interests
I am an accomplished musician and play the guitar.I love electronics and machanics and computers.

Porter County Amateur Radio Club,Lake County Amateur Radio Club.

My Radio Equipment Console #1

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"My Radio Equipment Console #1"
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