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Ricky West
Extra Class
W4KQB Ham Since 2009
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Collect and refurbish Collins,Drake,Swan, Heathkit, Yaesu,Dentron.
Like DX and local ragchews. Work 2 m local repeaters here in Virginia.

Running a 756 Pro III, Yaesu 897D,Drake TR7, Heathkit SB 1000 amp,Ameritron 1300s,Collins KWM 2A and a SB 104A.
Using the 270' OCF Buckmaster dipole. Dual band Diamond for VHF /UHF
mobile is a Dstar 880H and the 897D

Other Interests
Made the EXTRA on 08 MAY 2010-finally!!

Lifetime member ARRL.

The 756PRO III and SB 1000

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"The 756PRO III and SB 1000"
"The 756PRO III and SB 1000" - Ham Radio Pictures