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wayne armstrong
Extra Class
KC2URM Ham Since 2009
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
i mostly talk through local reapeters on 2-meters but i got to say there are a bunch of great guys on them.

for now i am using a yaesu 7800 for my base with a diamond xt-200 on the roof which is about 100ft in the air i do ok getting out it must be because i live right off the water from my roof i can see the ocean. i also have a yaesu ft-60 ht that i use at work well i think i said enough for now may god bless you all and have a healthy and long life. i also just got a yaesu ft-950 that i love great radio talk to you soon.

Other Interests
i love riding my motor motorcycles i also am into metal dectecting on the beach that is a grat hobby and pays off well most of the time i have no problem getting to the beach cause i only live about a half of block from it. i just love being so close to the water anyway hopw to talk to you all soon.

KC2RA kings county repeater association amateur radio club which is located in brooklyn ny.

last winter