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terry greenwood
General Class
VE3TMG Ham Since 1991

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My Ham Radio Interests
I like just about everything about ham radio but my main interest is chasing DX,my favorite HF bands are 17m and 10m.I also like chasing grid squares on 6m.I have 566 grids worked on 6m.I also have earned my WAS on 6m and only 1 continent away from getting my WAC award.I have 73 countries confirmed on 6m and hope to earn my DXCC this comming solar cycle.I also work the weak signal stuff on 2m ssb I love working grid squares on 2m.I have 174 squares worked on 2m, I have 36 states worked on 2m as well.I also am a paper chaser I love to
collect special event certificates and qsl cards.I also love to have a good rag chew.I also like learning about radio propagation.

Kenwood TS 2000
ICOM 756 PRO 3
IC 2100 mobile
A99 Vertical
Discone antenna
Stacked 13b2's
Slopers for 80m,40m,15m,160m.
Vertical dipole for 20m
4 element DX ENG YAGI for 6m

Other Interests
I'm married have two kids,three grand kids.My wife and I also like to backyard birding. I also like fishing and camping.

I am a member of RAC ( not anymore )
Because of the arrogant attitude of the RAC pesident I will never join RAC again !! They are the biggest scammers going!! To all Canadians please save your $$ don't join RAC !!!

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