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Larry McNeely
Extra Class
W5LJM Ham Since 1995
United States

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Other Callsigns
KC5NOD - 1995 to 2004;

My Ham Radio Interests
2 mtr. FM and sometimes SSB; building homebrew antennas; 20 mtrs. during daytime and 80 mtrs. at night (sometimes). I am patiently waiting for the 10 mtr. band to open full swing to participate in the 10-10 international activities again. I enjoy attending an occasional Field Day event and working Kid's Day when possible.
I will get pics of my present, humble little shack as soon as I get it cleaned up a little. It's really not that messy - it's "comfortable"!

I truly have nothing to brag about.
It's just good to have the companionship here.
One day I will win the lottery and be able to brag like the rich and wealthy.
Yaesu FT-7800R dual band mobile;
HTX-212 Radio Shack 2 mtr. mobile;
HTX-10 Radio Shack 25 watt 10 mtr. radio;
ADI AR-147+ 2 mtr. mobile for KC5YYP;
Kenwood TS-120S w/Dentron tuner;

ADI AT-201 2 mtr. HT;
Alinco DJ-195T 2 mtr. HT;
HTX-202 Radio Shack 2 mtr. HT;

MFJ-873 Grandmaster SWR/pwr. meter

Homebrew dipole cut for 3.900 MHz.;
Tram-1490 2 mtr. vertical;
Cushcraft 215WB 15 element 2 mtr. Yagi w/ trigonal reflector; ...

Various Radio Shack handheld scanners and a Uniden mobile scanner.
Radios I have owned:
Drake TR-3
Siltronics 1011C

Other Interests
My wife Linda, is also an amateur radio operator, with a technician license since 1997 (KC5YYP). She doesn't get on the air much except to talk local 2 mtr. simplex with me and the LakeSnake simplex group at Medina Lake.

A short biography is also posted on my profile and on My Web Site listed above.

I am a member of Bandera County ARES w/ several Skywarm classes under my belt and hold a certificate with AACOG (Alamo Area Council of Governments)in storm spotting.
I am an Extra class Volunteer Examiner with the ARRL.
I am a security officer at Methodist Boerne Emergency Center in Boerne, Tx..
Other interest include but not limited to: Fishing for catfish and largemouth bass; karaoke; Pow Wows; playing the guitar;...

I suppose that the most favorite personal ham radio activity that I enjoy is constructing 2 mtr.and 6 mtr. Yagis from damaged TV antennas. The 2 mtr. style may range from 3 elements to 9 elements, depending on the amount of material that is available from the TV antenna(s) that I have. I have actually constructed DFing antennas from them as well.
I usually desing my own QSL cards using MS Paint, Powerpoint and various other simple programs.

San Antonio Radio Club (SARC;
10-10 International;
ex- ARRL (may rejoin if the fees stop going up)

View #2 of my humble shack

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"View #2 of my humble shack"
"View #2 of my humble shack" - Ham Radio Pictures