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Mike Stevens
General Class
W8EMT Ham Since 1995
United States

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Other Callsigns
KC8AWV 1995 - 1999 / First Licensed as a Novice & Technician in 8-1995 AS KC8AWV. Upgraded to Technician Plus in 6-1996, Upgraded to General Class in 4-2007. I Received my Vanity Call ( W8EMT )in Jan-1999.

My Ham Radio Interests
I enjoy working Special Events with are Local Club-when I'm Home, Contesting ( Field Day or any other Contest ), DX-ing, WAS & US County Hunting, Nets, and Ragchewing. I also dabble a little in CW, Digital QSO's. I build Antennas for ALL Bands ( Wire & Beam ). Working on some Vintage Radios. Kit Building a little. Also I check into WX Nets around the County will I am out on the Road.
( I'm Working on my Extra Ticket Doing most of my Studying on the Road. Have taken it Twice and Failed - Hopefully I will Have it by April 2009 or by the end of the year 09 )

Home QTH =
HF / Kenwood TS-830S, A4S 4 Element 10-15-20m Beam ^40', Alpha DX 40,80,160m Dipole ^38', Numerous other Home Brew Dipoles & Antennas

FM / Mixed Brands 2/440/6 for Local Repeaters, APRS, WX, Packet,

Mobile QTH =
HF / Alinco DX-70 / HF + 6m, Multiple Hamsticks, Antenna Tuner

FM / Kenwood D-700, Garmin GPS III for APRS System
Scanner for Local Repeaters & WX Info.

Trying to Set-UP Digital System in Truck

Truck already Looks Like Mission Control & a Porcupine ( Antennas )

Other Interests
I'm a Specialized ( Over Dimensional & Over Weight ) OTR Truck Driver. My XYL & I Love Traveling, Motorcycle Riding.

Local Club - ( IARC( W8WE )- Innercity Amateur Radio Club ) / Membership Chairman

Richland County ARES - AEC & Membership Chairman


Numerous HF Clubs ( SSB, CW, Digital )

Numerous Local Clubs around the Country

My QSL Card