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Howard Davis
Technician Class
KF5QIF Ham Since 2012
United States

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I'm still a noob. I'll probably always be a noob. So, I'm always looking for stuff to do. I'm into astronomy and physics and my father, W5NDG, was a ham all of my life so it just became something in my background life. Upon his passing, I got serious and took my test for Tech. Now, I find vhf/uhf to not be enough so I am looking at General but might as well go all of the way into Extra. I'm trying to get my son and my buddies to join me in this radio roulette fun. I'm looking got get a KX2/3 or Xiegu x5105 but I need to learn a lot more about antennae and radio and get a higher license level. If anyone in the El Paso/Las Cruces area is interested in Elmering or hooking up, holler at me on vhf/uhf- KF5QIF, Proud Son of W5NDG. And, even if you’re not living in El Paso/Las Cruces, feel free to make contact. New friendships are always a joy.

I normally run my Kenwood th-f6a in my Xterra as my primary rig with mag mount antenna and speaker mic. However, every now and then, I run my Yaesu vx-8dr or vx-8gr just to track my activity. I usually do this when going off-road into a new area so folks know where to find my body after I get a 'hold my beer' moment. I also have a Baofeng uv-5r but it gets little use. If I start backpacking/hiking into the back country again, I'll charge it up as i just got it nicely programmed, and beat it up some more as the battery life is excellent... MUCH better than my Kenwood and Infinitely better than my Yaesu!

Other Interests
Astronomy/Astrophysics; anime (sorta); xbox one (I like Destiny, Destiny 2, Elite Dangerous (Milky Way Galaxy space sim... youtube ObsidianAnt or TheYamiks ... Yamiks is nsfw out loud but he makes alot of good points. Just gets sexually inappropriate in high school amusing way about the ships). I can be manipulated into some other things once in a great while).

I love Kenjutsu, Korean Archery, Ninjutsu, Hapkido, and other martial systems.

I am a mental health therapist by trade and I seek to emulate my martial ancestors by involving my arts in my work and finding ways to help improve relationships. I have kind of an Aikido approach with my clientele (Read- Aikido in Everyday Life and you'll better understand what I mean).

I like adventures and exploring the world, cultures, different ideas, our universe, and making new friends. I also like long moonlit walks, watching sunsets, and... oops, wrong website. Seriously though, I have a great group of friends on the xbox and I'm trying to get them into the ham radio world.

Uh, none. I'm kind of a loner, I guess, irl. I do need to become more social. I do wear my father's sun city radio amateur club polo shirt often in memory of him and to advertise the group, though! If anyone 4x4’s out here, holler n let’s go play!

Pups on a cold n stormy night

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"Pups on a cold n stormy night"
"Pups on a cold n stormy night" - Ham Radio Pictures