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Martin Hall
Extra Class
AC7AP Ham Since 1969
United States

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Started out in the hobby when I lived in Japan in 1969. (I've had several call signs over the years, this one since 2006.)

Operated in Costa Rica, Germany and Panama. (Lived in Gie├čen, Germany 8 1/2 years and in Tachikawa, Japan 5 1/2 years. Costa Rica and Panama were short two-week adventures.)

Operate "100-watts max" on HF ... no amps. (Nothing fancy or exotic). CW is my preferred mode. Operate 40 thru 6-meters, but I'm on 10/12/15 and 17-meters most of the time when I'm on the air.

SWL cards are welcome here, also.

I dabble with the satellites (birds) from time to time.

Operate SSB/CW on 2-mtrs, 432 and 6-mtrs. (Mountaintopping)

Secondary QTH: Sierra Vista, Arizona (Cochise County) ... on some weekends. QSL cards made up for both locations, depending on which QTH you worked. (DM13vr & DM41um)


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