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George Campolo
Technician Class
N2LJO United States

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I've enjoyed the hobby immensely for over 27 years now, especially AM, and operating, maintaining, and collecting vintage gear. I also enjoy SSB ragchews and working a little DX on any of the bands. Including my 11 meter days, I'm playing with this stuff for 45 years now and it's still fun. I have always found radio and how it works to be nothing short of fascinating. Still do and always will.

There's a great bunch of guys to be found operating AM on the bands if you know where to look. Some of the most technically savvy hams (not me) are among those operating AM. Check out 3.705, 7.280-7.295, 1.880, and 3.870-3.890. Newbie AM'ers and Solid State "Riceboxes" welcome. Just turn off the processor and keep the carrier to about 15 watts please!

Special thanks to my "Elmer", Mark, KA2QFX, without whose encouragement long ago I would not have had ham radio for so long as a hobby that has provided me countless hours of enjoyment.

Best of 7-3, de George, N2LJO

Lots of Boat Anchors.

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