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My Ham Radio Interests
DX on ANY band but prefer VHF(6 & 2 meter)DX in MOST cases. Not an Awards Chaser for ANY awards offered by the ARRL.WAS on 6 meters for now is what I am after & only for my own records & still need ALASKA for number 50.Favorite HF band is 17 meters(Great DX Band & ZERO Contesters).I just ENJOY talking of the radio NO MATTER what band it's on! }:>)

HOME stations are:ICOM 7600 with a Heil PR-20,ICOM PW-1 amplifier for HF/6 meters,LDG AT-1000 Auto Tuner.I have an AUTEK WM-1 wattmeter for HF & a WELZ SP-600 wattmeter with a K4DPK PEP board for 6 meters.I have an ICOM 275A with an ICOM SM-8 microphone,a KLM PA30-140 140 watt amplifier for 2 meter FM/SSB.Both the 7600 & 275A also are connected to ClearSpeech Base Modules for extra listening pleasure. Antennas are:Mosley TA-53M yagi for (10,12,15,17,& 20 meters) at 50 ft, Antennas & more G5RV at 48 ft for 40 60,& 75 meters,M2 6M5X Yagi at 55 ft for 6 meters SSB & a CUSHCRAFT 215WB yagi at 61 ft for 2 meter SSB & a CUSHCRAFT A270-10S yagi vertical at 53 ft for 2 meter & 440 FM.I also have a Diamond V-2000 that is used for 440 FM & 6 meter & 2 meter FM if needed.I turn them all with a YAESU G-800SDX rotor.I operate 160 meters with a W8AMZ 160 meter Reduced 1/2 sloper with very good results.I also have a TYT TH-9800 quad band mobile that I use in my pickup for with a Diamond CR8900 quad band antenna for 2 meter,440 mhz,10 & 6 meter FM & a RANGER 5054DX-100 with a shortened stainless steel whip for 6 meter SSB & AM.I have an ICOM T90A,an ICOM 02AT & a couple of BAOFENG dual band HT's for when I'm not in the shack or mobile.I LOVE ICOM gear as you can see in my shack pics & my list of gear! ICOM RULES! }:>) You can also find me on SKYPE under ICOMW4KVW as well as having EchoLink in my shack that is usually turned on.Check out my Country & Gospel music videos on YouTube by typing in my name in the search box & a couple that were posted by DX stations under my call sign.If you like my singing PLEASE let me know.Last thing is that I do NOT use ANY form of electronic QSLING just paper QSL cards, envelopes,& postage stamps. Direct only & NO BUREAU QSL's. }:>)

Other Interests
WON 1st place North Florida Low Power in the ARRL VHF/UHF Contest on 50 MHZ in June 2003 as well as September 2003 on both 50 MHZ & 144 MHZ & 2nd place in the World in the June 2003 SIX CLUB WORLD WIDE CONTEST under my OLD CALL:KE4KVW.I also enjoy hunting DEER,RABBITS,SQUIRRELS,& WILD HOGS & just about anything else that's legal in Florida to hunt.I am a Bass Fisherman as well & love the thrill of never knowing what you may catch but whatever it is GOOD.When not in my shack or mobile you can still find me behind a microphone singing a solo,duet,or trio in church or a charity event or maybe writing a gospel song.I also have started singing GOSPEL & COUNTRY "KARAOKE music.You can see & hear some of my music on YouTube by typing Clayton Yarbrough in the search box on YouTube & if you do so I hope you ENJOY the songs as much as I do.I am happy too say that I was chosen too perform at the 2016 SUWANNEE RIVER JAM & I made some great friends & picked up several new fans.It's a Big Show so Google it & see for yourself.NOTHING compares with serving the LORD of LORDS & KING of KINGS,"JESUS CHRIST" & HE is a great FISHER OF MEN!He is GOOD all the time & he is ALWAYS in CONTROL even when we think he's not! I am RETIRED as of 2/28/13 from State of Florida Law Enforcement(30 years)so I have lots of FREE time for radio,fishing & singing or something behind a microphone.Unlike many I have remained active in CB Radio as well & have done so since 1965.I collect old CB radios & desk microphones as well.I monitor Channels 16 & 28 AM locally on the CB Radio & go by SIX-SHOOTER on the CB band where I operate a near MINT DAK MARK X Base with the matching Black Astatic DAK D-104 desk microphone,a BROWNING GOLDEN EAGLE MK IVA with an Astatic Golden Eagle D-104 microphone & many many more but these are my Favorites.I just enjoy radio no matter what band it is as long as I can communicate with others & I know many in Ham Radio hate CB Radio but it's where I started in radio as a kid at age 5 & it's still in my blood though I don't care for the noise toys or the Export CB Radios I can always turn that BIG KNOB to another channel or just turn it off just like on Ham Radio.As of August of 2015 I am also now trying too play the guitar.My fingers are sore & my head hurts from over thinking but it's something I always wanted to do so I'm giving it an honest try.God bless! {:>)

BCARS(Baker County Amateur Radio Society),AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST #776,Southern Country Cousins,SIX METER WORLD WIDE #1979.I am NOT a member of the ARRL & I do NOT have any use or need of their service for ANY purpose at any price.I also do NOT participate in NETS.I find that 99.9% of them are totally useless & a waste of band space & time.Even JESUS knows that NETS are for fish. {:>)

ICOM 275A on the bottom shelf under the ICOM 7600

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"ICOM 275A on the bottom shelf under the ICOM 7600"
"ICOM 275A on the bottom shelf under the ICOM 7600" - Ham Radio Pictures