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Tony Jones
Extra Class
KK4TRL Ham Since 2013
United States

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Other Callsigns
My first amateur call sign was KK4TRL. My vanity call sign is N4ATJ. I'm also a licensed GMRS radio operator with my call sign being WQRQ-481.

My Ham Radio Interests
I took the technician test and passed it on on Saturday August 31, 2013. I passed the General test on Thursday March 13, 2014. Then I passed the Extra on Saturday February 7, 2015. The 10 meter band is my favorite and occasionally I can be found on 28.555usb At night around 8pm until around 10pm. Occasionally I can be found on 2 meter on 145.450 around 9pm. My amateur rigs consist of one ICOM IC-737 HF Transceiver that covers the 10 - 160 meter bands an Astatic T-UP9 Stand Microphone on and an Alinco DX77T that will do the 10 - 160 meter bands. I have an Solarcon IMAX 2000 antenna and two dipole antenna's that I use on my ICOM IC-737, with the antenna's I have I can go on the 10 meter, 12 meter, 15 meter, 17 meter, 20 meter, 40 meter and 80 meter bands. For my 2 meter radio's I have an ICOM IC-208-H and an ICON IC-207-H VHF/UHF FM Transceiver. Then for HT I have two Baeofeng FM Transceiver's and one ICOM IC-T7H FM transceiver.

I have a ICOM IC-737 HF Transceiver with a D-104 T-UP9 microphone and an Alinco DX77T that I also use. I have an IMAX 2000 all directional antenna that I can go on 10, 12 & 15 meter, I have a dipole antenna that lets me go on 20, 40 & 80 meter. And then I have another dipole that is just for 20 meter.
I have a ICOM IC-208H 2 meter mobile on a Astron 35 amp power supply with an all directional antenna.
I have a ICOM IC-207H 2 meter mobile in my van.
Then I have two Baofeng FM Transceivers and one ICOM IC-T7H hand helds.

Other Interests
I'm an American Radio Relay League registered Licensing Instructor. I'm an American Radio Relay League accredited Volunteer Examiner and I'm an American Radio Relay League accredited Emergency Communication Field Examiner. I'm also an WCARS Volunteer Examiner Team Leader.

I will accept QSO's from QRZ and eQSL.

You can find me on QRZ.COM if you would like to visit my page there. I'm also on Facebook so copy and paste the link and send me a friend request to become my friend on Facebook.

73 Tony N4ATJ

I'm WCARS member. I'm a QRZ Subscriber member.

My ARRL Membership Certificate

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