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Imre Forro
Extra Class
HA7AP Ham Since 1986

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I was born in February 16th 1971 in Budapest the capital city of Hungary.
I was learned Morse code at age of ten and I still practice it every day since.
I took the Ham radio exam and the cw test in 1986 and that's when I became HA7AP
I have CEPT license, so I have the full privileges to all Ham radio Band, Mode, and Power limit in Hungary.

Occasionally I get in to contests, but only for give some points to others and make some rare DX stations. I'm not really serious about contests at all :-)

I prefer to have longer conversations at various speeds, whether it is QRS or QRQ, I am pretty active on all bands only in cw, so if you hear my QSD or QLF please don't hesitate to give me a call. I promise I'll try to do my best. :-)

I speak only Hungarian and English, although the 2nd is only a broken one and the first one is ain't perfect either, but if you at least speak one of them I will be quite happy to have a rag chew with you at any speed you like :-)

I am not a member of the Hungarian Amateur Radio Society as of 2013, so I will not getting any QSL cards from you via the bureau.
I don't E-QSL at all.
I prefer QSL cards direct and LOTW.

I hope 2 c u sn

73 Imi HA7AP

Rig,IC-745, Pwr 100W, Antenna 2x15m long Doublet from 80m to 10m with a manual tuner
I use a AGA Chevron key it is a dual lever paddle with magnetic return.
I have a home brew keyer.
I use CQRlog under Linux operating system and for call sign search.

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This is me sending Morse code :-)
This is me sending Morse code :-)

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CFO certificate

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AGA Chevron

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AGA key

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EHSC certificate

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