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DU3TAZ - Ma. Theresa Aniceto

Ma. Theresa Aniceto
Technician Class
DU3TAZ Ham Since 1994

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My Ham Radio Interests
VHF, HF, Contests both in SSB and CW modes


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Callsign DU3TAZ
Name Ma. Theresa Aniceto
Country Philippines
License Class Technician
Been a Ham Since 1994
Joined 10/27/2011
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My Ham Radio Interests
VHF, HF, Contests both in SSB and CW modes

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POCKET TRAVEL CW KEYER with PADDLE MFJ-403P (world of effortless CW) 1/28/2013 4:00:58 AM (4327 views) (0 comments)

Greetings fellow hams. a very good friend introduced me to the world of effortless CW.Very handy and so many features in so easy to follow functions. You can operate with your eyes closed. I really appreciate the plug-and-play operations. Specs are as follows: weight control from 25 to 75%; iambic A and B operation; automatic or semi-automatic ope ...

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