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Noel De Castro
General Class
DU1KJA Ham Since 1978

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Other Callsigns
4F1KJA - 2013
DV1KJA - 2012
DU1KJA - 1982
DY1KJA - 1978

My Ham Radio Interests
National Telecommunications Commission assigned a callsign DU1KJA to Engr Noel J de Castro, as amateur radio station and he is also a registered commercial license as First Class Radiotelephone Operator nr 96-1PIV-16892 and DU1KJA is also an Electronics and Communications Engineer with a small business own Q5 Communications Center with a dealership commercial license by the NaTelCom. Now establishing DXer Technical Workshop in Taguig, Philippines.

This amateur stations of DU1KJA is working with the following set-up:

Operating on 144-146 Mhz in VHF Band and 430-470 Mhz in UHF Band.

* ICOM IC-228H connected to
* Tokyo HY-POWER model HL-200V/50 200Watts Power Output, with an
* ASTATIC DL-105 Microphone connected to a
* DAIWA ES-880 Echo chamber and at the same time with an ears of
* Twin 12-Element Cross Yagi Antenna.
* ICOM IC-2720H Connected to
* Diamond X-50 Dual Band Antenna.

Operating on a General Coverage 2-30 Mhz in any Band.

* ICOM IC-735H 150Watts connected at a
* Diamond BU-50 Dipole Antenna With an Antenna Tuner of
* Yaesu FC-301. Operating in a General Coverage 2-30 Mhz in any Band.
* VETRONIX URC-187 25Watts connected at a
* Diamond BU-50 Dipole Antenna. Operating in a General Coverage 2-11 Mhz in any Band.
* PRESIDENT WASHINGTON(Converted from 11M Band to 40M Band) 15Watts connected at a
* BASIC DIPOLEAntenna. Operating in a General Coverage 7 Mhz.

Operating on 11 Meter Citizens Band.

* PRESIDENT GRANT 10 Watts Operating in a General Coverage Channel 1-40 modified with Lower and Upper Channels connected to
* SUPERSTAR 360 10Watts Operating in a General Coverage Channel 120 modified with Lower and Upper Channels connected to
* EXPANDER Desk Microphone.
* PRESIDENT ADAMS 10 WattsOperating in a General Coverage Channel 1-40 connected to

Other Interests
DU1KJA is also a Philippine Air Force assigned at 710th SPOW, with a present rank of TSG with an AFP serial number of 77E5416.

DU1KJA created and a founder of Q5 Communication Rescue, Inc. a Non Governmental Organization, Registered with the station callsign of DX1QCC with an assigned Frequency at 144.860Mhz by the NTC.

DX1QCC is working with an amateur & commercial stations with the following Set-up:

* MOTOROLA GR500 Repeater w/a phone patch connected to a Duplexer with
* 8 Element Folded Dipole Antenna
Operating in a 2 meter Band for members only. Located in Antipolo, Rizal Region IV.

DU1KJA designed and assembled a Digital Repeater Controller mode to as SIMPLEX Repeater on 145.080 Mhz connected to a Personnal Computer. Installed to DW1PPZ located at the Top Floor Bldg of his residence. The purpose of this Simplex Repeater Set-up is to establish a RESPONSIBLE Amateur Radio Enthusiast to become more active as a Back Bone of communication in terms of CALAMITIES, DISASTER and in EMERGENCIES.

DU1KJA started On-Air on 11M CB (Citizens Band) radio since March of the year 1978 and up to now he is still investing different types of communication set-up and instruments. He is also an International Openwater Scuba Diver by PAUI, Professional Association of Underwater Instructors by the Philippine National Police Basic Underwater Search, Rescue & Recovery Operation Course. In Short, he was very active with PNP Rescue Diving Team.

* Q5 Communication Center
* RAF Radio Assistance Federation
* RAJA (Road Assistance & Juvenile Assistance) Communication, Inc.
* TRACERS (Team Radio Amateur Civic Emergency Relay Service) Network, Inc.
* DX1ARE Amateur Radio Enthusiast

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