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Jolly Belen
Class A Class
DU1JQ Ham Since 1992

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My Ham Radio Interests
My Ham Radio Interests is so important to me for it is already a part of my life. I am a member of the Philippine National Police, an investigator on the town where i am currently assigned i gained my interest in HAM Radios since i was a kid because my father was also interested in Amateur Radios as a military man himself and a collector of Citizens Band Radios, where me my self started and made several QSO's. I am a Licensed (CLASS A) Amateur Radio Operator in the Philippines, with the License Callsign of DU1JQ formerly DV1JQ (Modified Class B General Class) DV1TBQ (Class B General Class) and DW1TBQ (Class C Technician Class), member of the Amateur Communicators for emergency Response Group DX1ER duly licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission and a lifetime member (ID No.LM-067) of the PARA Philippine Amateur Radio Association DX1PAR. Though I visit all the required Band for Class A in the Philippines, I spend more time airing at the 2 meter, 70 centimeter and 40 meters Bands hope to catch you on air. 73's!

Yaesu HF Radio FT920
Yaesu HF Radio 757GX
Kenwood HF TS 440s
Kenwood HF TS 450
Kenwood K2 VHF Portable
Kenwood k7 Dual Band (2m/70cm) Portable Radio
Kenwood 733G Dual Band (2m/70cm) Mobile base Radio
Alinco DR570X Dual Band (2m/70cm) Mobile Base Radio

Yaesu Microphone MD100AX
Yaesu FC 757AT HF Antenna Tuner
Yaesu FP 700 Power Supply
Steady Volt 50amps Power Supply
Zebra 35amps Power Supply
Daiwa SWR/POWER Meter SX-200
Daiwa Echo Chamber ES880
Boke Audio Mixer and Voice Enhancer ME-8
MBE Sound Audio Equalizer
Heil HM PRO Microphone
SM58 Sure Microphone
shure 444D desk microphone
X510 Dual Band Antenna

Other Interests
Iam also interested in Photography and surfing the internet to exchange information and ideas in HAM radios and also in different Law enforcers all over the world 73 and good day.

DX1ER - ACER (Amateur Communicators for Emergency Responce Inc.)
DX1PAR - PARA (Philippine Amateur Radio Association)

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KW4VL Victor Langley Other468 Request Connection
DV1KD Kim Domingo Group, Association or Club47 Request Connection
W8STU STUART W. UNDERWOOD SR. Group, Association or Club160 Request Connection
W9NFL Keith Belongia Other23 Request Connection
DU1KUQ Greene Herrera Colleague160 Request Connection
KC8TBY Thomas Lane Other12 Request Connection
VK2HV Paul Hanna Friend111 Request Connection
DU1EOV Florante Arcena Group, Association or Club13 Request Connection
MM6EWX Angel Talplacido Jr. Other36 Request Connection
DW1QRZ b g Group, Association or Club4 Request Connection
4F8BOF fidel fernandez Friend19 Request Connection
DU1GM George Szymanski Group, Association or Club21 Request Connection
DU9RD NÅLD HÉRNÅNDEZ Group, Association or Club23 Request Connection
DV1VSL Leandro Abayan Group, Association or Club20 Request Connection
4F2KWT Gilbert Lappay Group, Association or Club12 Request Connection
DV3AK alex fernando Group, Association or Club24 Request Connection
DV1GCD Gonzalo Jr. Dujunco Group, Association or Club7 Request Connection
DU1EC-OLD ERNEST CLARK,JR Group, Association or Club4 Request Connection
DU1BA BA "Jun" Moreto Group, Association or Club21 Request Connection
DU9DOT NOEL KAAMIÑO Group, Association or Club3 Request Connection
DW1VNF meds fernando Group, Association or Club8 Request Connection
DV1EE DU1 EE Group, Association or Club21 Request Connection
DU1EQ Efipanio Quintana Group, Association or Club9 Request Connection
DW1SMH Arnold Tabun Jr Group, Association or Club4 Request Connection
DU1EV Eddie Valdez Group, Association or Club13 Request Connection
K6IRF Lot Marquez Friend10 Request Connection
DW1VEU Edwin Tuazon Group, Association or Club2 Request Connection
DW1FOD tracy toledo Friend141 Request Connection
VK2UPR Paul Romaine Friend17 Request Connection
DU9XO KAYE CHAVES Group, Association or Club16 Request Connection
DV1SGF Eugene +.+ Group, Association or Club28 Request Connection
WV1Q Albert McDonald Colleague27 Request Connection
DU1OHW chito alvero Friend23 Request Connection
RAP Ralph Alimagno Friend2 Request Connection
DY3TDJ tristan jarabejo Friend9 Request Connection
4F1UUX Allan Blanco Friend25 Request Connection
DY1TPS Theo Sanchez Other113 Request Connection
DV2SOL Dario Sol Baroña Group, Association or Club5 Request Connection
WB4IUY Dave Hockaday Group, Association or Club382 Request Connection
W6QT Michael Koffler Group, Association or Club110 Request Connection
DU1KJA Noel De Castro Friend42 Request Connection
DU2RD RONÅLD HÉRNÅNDÉZ Group, Association or Club6 Request Connection
K1CSA Mike Tuggle Group, Association or Club55 Request Connection