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from KU4GW

from WB6SSW

from WA9Z

from 26FB512

from N3TVV

from VU2IVV
I have home brewed 2mtr Vertical Dipole and eggbeater antenna for satellite communication

from KK4TRL

from W7WAC

from TL7VE

"Live is too short for QRP"

from KC2SKV
the construction and commissioning
of a Russian short-wave PA
LV-6 / R-140

160 meter full wave loop

from N0MHO
I have my antenna suports up but do not have the wire ready yet to put up.


from DG1SGW
The next step is to plan and install a 160M antenna by EH-antennas. First step is to make a holding acessory for in stainless steel and mount it on the roof. Will be continued and reported....

160M Vertical!

from DG1SGW
I planned and built a 160M Vertical with a baseloaded coil, so it is resonant on 80M also. It is built with a 18M Fiberglasstower and has a height of 15M with two 6M radials. Also in use with this vertical is a balun at the lower feeding point. Next ... Read More About This Project

160m, or bust.

from WY0MN
Got to get another 160m antenna airborne. Been hearing a lot of Rocky Mtn folk on that band and I can't do anything but listen.
OK, located a 160m mobile whip believe it or not! Only 12kHz bandwidth, but when I place it on my groun ... Read More About This Project

1st SX-140 a boat anchor resurrection

from K5CXO
Bought this SX-140 via the internet I knew it would need a little work.

See photos @

20 Meter Vertical Beam

from W4LGH
My next antenna project is to use 2 Parz End-fed dipoles, mounted vertically in 2 trees and co-phaze them to get a little gain. If this works, I will add 2 more so I can switch them from N-S to E-W.

Should prove to be a very interesting pr ... Read More About This Project

20 Meter Vertical Beam Cont....

from W4LGH
Now that I think about it....I think I will build this N-S/E-W vertical beam completely. Can use my antenna analyzer to get the coils right...easy enough to do. Use 1" pvc as coil form, Tap it and tune with a cap. This way I can make it handle f ... Read More About This Project

2011 Tower Project

from K0ECW

2015 HF upgrade

from WR0F
My next antenna project will consist of adding a Hy-gain TH11DX and removing the TH7DX also adding a Cushcraft XM 240 to the tower farm. I decided having 5 Band beam will be better then a 3 band beam. I had a Cushcraft 40-2CD up 20+ years ago and ... Read More About This Project

2m Slim Jim

from KJ4HDY

2mtr/70cms Jpole homebrew

from EI5GLB
this was my second jpole to build but i needed a better solution for the matching section as previous builders always either solder or use jubilee clips and the good old insulating tape its ok in the good weather but come bad weather conditions like ... Read More About This Project

36 foot crank up tower

from KA0JJR
Just acquired a crank up tower and now must determine where it will be placed.

4 meter band simple dipole antenna.

from EI7GMB
As this band is relatively new in Europe and nearly nowhere else is available, there is not so much of commercially surplus, not to mention a brand new antennas on the market as yet. The goal was to get a simple, yet effective antenna before I would ... Read More About This Project

40 Meter Loop Antenna

from W5BRW
40 meter full wave loop fed with 1/4 wave 75ohm matching cable. antenna installed at approx. 30 feet at the top apex and 10 feet at the bottom. Coming off the support at approx 45 degrees.

40 meter monobander XM-240

from WD4OHM
Well at long last I will be installing a 40 meter monobander on the second tower. I am going to put my homebrew 5 element 6 meter beam above it.

43 Foot Aluminum Vertical

from WJ5A
43 Foot tapered vertical on hinged base using a copper ring with soldered ground radials

500 kc (600 meter) Linear Amplifier

from KL7Q
Pair of parallel 803's in GG.

5TH Wheel Ham Shack Conversion

from N6OIL
I picked up a 1978 used 5Th wheel that I will make into a shack. Going to gut most of the inside and then build a horseshoe shape operating position.

6m yagis

from DU1GM
I'm planning to build at least one 8 ele yagis for 6m but that won't be for a few months. I've been in the throes of selling my house in UK and when that is completed in a couple of weeks I will have the funds to start getting materials together for ... Read More About This Project

6Meter Quad

from KE7UXR
No research done yet, but my next project will be a 2 Element (Butterfly) 6Meter Quad.

700 watt Solid State 2 meter PA

from NG9R
Several years ago I converted a Quintron (Glenayre) QT8505 paging transmitter to ham use.

The 8505 is a 500 watt CCS rated VHF paging transmitter that uses 6 MRF174 FET’s in the final, driven by a single MRF174. The PA originally was desig ... Read More About This Project

80 meter no-trap dipole

from KA8WWK
I am in the process opf building a Hertzian dipole for 80 meters. I hope to have it completed by the end of November, due to my nursing work schedule.

A Weekend Project for your KWM-380 / HF-380

from W9JXN
For some time now, I had been looking for a way to spruce up the keypad used on my KWM-380. The former owner had mounted the standard Pipo keypad on a cheap Radio Shack gray plastic project box along with about an inch and a half wide ribbon cable. I ... Read More About This Project

Activation of insular Caribbean states with little radial activity

from CO2LCR
In this project you want to perform activations 2 or 3 times a year from small Caribbean states with little radio activity or registered amateur radio presence contribute to world radio and Esperanto as a universal language of peace and hope. Ci tiu ... Read More About This Project


from KJ4RNV
I plan to install new caps (4 each 550VDC @ 330uf, matched 572B tubes and increasing the plate voltage to 2000 volts. The Peter Dahl transformer in this Ameritron is more than capable of handling the extra 200 volts. However In doing so will increase ... Read More About This Project

Allstar Network

from WU1N
The Allstar Network is full featured linking system based on the open source Asterisk PBX. In addition to having fantastic audio, it is also has the capability of full repeater control. All of this running on a $35 Raspberry Pi and a Rim-Lite USB ra ... Read More About This Project

AM Work on 10,6,and 2 meters

from KA1WVM
im trying to find information on when and where there is AM activity on 10,6 and 2 meters....i used to be involved in 40 meter am but dont have a radio as of yet got to get it from shop where it has been oveer a yr now but its in conn and im in mass ... Read More About This Project


from KB8RNN
A low to no profile HF antenna. For my mobile home.


from WD0GOF
Since a radial field is impossible at my site I chose the Gap Titan DX. It covers 10M thru 80M. It went up easily. The only band I had to tune was 15 meter. Rich at GAP confirmed the proper approach for tuning. The antenna is on an 18 ft mast tied to ... Read More About This Project


from M3CWZ
G5rv full size Long wire end fed 4m dipole 2m beam 4m siro cx 2m/70cms coliner


from W0STL
Wiring my Harley for APRS, so my family can track me via the internet while I travel on 2 wheels.

APRS:Mobile Station

from DG1SGW
At the Moment a Tiny Track V1.1 with only 300mW Outputpower. This is much less, so I have to change it. Since two years i am qrv in APRS with a Yaesu FTM 350 trx which works wonderful in the car. Beacon sends out the actual frequency where i am qrv ... Read More About This Project


from K7BIT
Hybrid cloud composed of MSHV, MSSC, Arduino, Pi setup to monitor farm, weather, irrigation, soil, linked to APRS, weathernet KWAMABT02

ARRL HomeBrew challenge

from KC4ZVW

Arrl LOTW And You

from KB9YGD
This is an article by Me Kb9ygd about arrl`s Logbook Of The World which is so well done.Please review the article.Thank You,Norman/Kb9ygd

Attachement for steppir or hf beam

from VA2PZ
More easy to repair any type of HF beam, without the need to put the beam on ground

See this video

play Steppir systeme de pivotement

Basic Soldering 101

from KF5DZQ
Basic instructions and techniques on learning how to solder and make it right the very first time.

Beachfront shack

from TI2SW
My condo is located on the 6th floor of Puerto Azul Marina. The condo developer will let me put a single wire antenna on top of the 80 ft. building. There will be a lot of salt havy winds. So I went to repair my old KWM-2 as no other transceiver wil ... Read More About This Project

big wheel antenna for 2 meter ssb

from KC5YHQ
I am going to attempt to build a 2 meter ssb big wheel. I have done a lot of research on the internet.

Bill's- Pan Cake - 40 Meter TAK-tenna or tak tenna or Tak Antenna

from KA6KBC
Homebrew: Tak-tenna or Tak Antenna

SEE a MUCH better Write up:

So I've been reading about this Small Space antenna that is being sold as the TAK-Tenna.
Really neat idea - ... Read More About This Project


from N2ZXE
Currently building the QRPKITS BLT+ Antenna Tuner

Building my first hamshack

from KB1QQM
Needs: SPACE, power, heat, A/C, quiet...

I finished off a "bonus" room over the garage.

It turned out to be a 16' by 24' space with 48" knee-walls.

Two individual power circuits (1 for mics, 1 for ele ... Read More About This Project

C.E.R.T Emergency Radio Communication Net

from KD7JQN
building of a C.E.R.T Emergency Radio Communication Net! (Volp)

CAT system

from KD7FAF
I have finally connected my FT1000D to my computer with a terrific interface cable I purchased from an outfit in England. I am running ham radio deluxe on my computer to control all the radio functions. If anybody out there has a CAT capable rig I hi ... Read More About This Project


from KF4TOH

Conar Model 500 Receiver

from AA0MV
I am interested in simple HF gear like the stuff designed for National Radio Institute. The Conar Model 500 receiver didn't work well on 80M. At my request Tom Kennedy devised a fix for the Conar receiver. He replaced the converter tube and adjust ... Read More About This Project


from W3CPO
The Kenwood TS-930S is a classic flagship rig from the early 80's that is still competitive against today's rigs. But the old transformer-based voltage regulator power supply is prone to failure, sometimes violent, which blows the driver transistors ... Read More About This Project

Convert Henry Tempo-One power supply (AC-One) to work with Swan rigs.

from W3CPO
The AC-One has a beefy power transformer, and it has more than enough amperage to power a 400-500 watt rig like the Swan 700CX series. The AC-One is MUCH less expensive than the Swan 117XC, and it has a tap on the transformer to provide the 800-volts ... Read More About This Project

Crank up tilt over tower

from WD4OHM
I have just got a 70' crank up tilt over tower with an M2 log periodic antenna to go up on it. I am so looking forward to getting this project underway!!!

Creating my own hotspot!

from DG1SGW
I bought a raspberry model B+ and model II+ to create my own hotspot here in my qth for DMR, D-STAR, APCO25, C4FM, and DPMR with a DV4MINI. It works great and i have successfully had many qsos in DMR, D-STAR, and C4FM. Next mode in which i want to be ... Read More About This Project

CS5GVA - Schoolar Amateur Radio Station

from CT1FUH
CS5GVA is a special callsign for a schoolar Amateur Radio Station located in AGRUPAMENTOde ESCOLASde GOUVEIA. In several occasions, CS5GVA will be active for technical experiencies and scientific studies, comemoration of important dates and divulgati ... Read More About This Project

D-STAR Radio Scanning Net

from WX4ADX
The purpose of this Amateur Radio Net & Blog is to introduce radio scanning hobby enthusiasts to D-STAR Amateur Radio via the Radio Reference feed which is connected to the PAPA System D-STAR Gateway. Also, to share education, stories and memorie ... Read More About This Project

dia de patriotas

from KP4UNO

Diesel Engine Glowplug Control Circuit

from DU3JIL
In diesel engines, the air in the cylinders is not hot enough to ignite the fuel under cold conditions. Therefore each cylinder of these engines is fitted with an electric heater known as ‘glow plug.’ A control circuit is necessary to optimize the fu ... Read More About This Project

Digital Dummy Load

from KG4RUL
This project implements the functionality of the "150 W Dummy load with Wattmeter" presented in the November, 2018 (pages 32-45) issue of QST magazine. I have chosen to not construct a oil-cooled, dummy load, as described in the article b ... Read More About This Project

Drop in board for power supply restore.

from WD0GOF
I rebuild from 10 to 15 power supplies each year for the Hallicrafters SR series rigs. There are 7 rigs in the series and three differant board cover all 7 power supplies. I designed the boards using free software. I print the positive layout on peel ... Read More About This Project

DSTAR Mobile Data network

from NY4I
This project is is to setup a mobile data network using two ICOM ID-1 units. One is a base installation connected to the Internet and one ID-1 is mounted in my mobile. In the mobile, there is a WiFi access point mounted that the ID-1 plugs into. The ... Read More About This Project

Dual Phased 440 Quagi Beam Antenna

from KE0NA
Having built several 2-meter 440 Quagi beam antennas (based on QST article) and having obtained a UHF/VHF SSB capable transceiver (Yaesu FT 897D), I decided to build two 440 Quagi's and phase them together.

DV4 Home V2!

from DG1SGW
Hello dear friends! I bought a new part for my own hotspot in my shack.The brandnew DV4Home V2, it is actually deliveredwith the newest Firmware and is working very well on DMR, Dstar, and C4FM. Also included is NX edge the Kenwood Mode. It is to be ... Read More About This Project

Electric Venicle

from N5UMO
Planning Stages

emergency backup power

from K2NCC
Okay. Everything seems fine on the first run.

Here's my notes:

Batteries drop about .1v on TX.

Started 09MAR09 @2100, reading 13.5v, 100% "full."

Operated with my typical usage, several QSOs, many ... Read More About This Project

Emergency Portable Repeater

from W0STL
I'm building a portable repeater for emergency operations (search & rescue,law enforcement, wildland firefighting).It will work on 2m, 70cm, crossband, GMRS, and the federal VHF band,by changing out portable radios.

F-150 mobile

from N3JPU
New 2011 F-150 XLT HF-UHF mobile install. Parts still on order such as the GeoTool stake pocket antenna mount.

First try...

from SA6YLE
....get one of our receiver to work as wanted.

flagpole antenna

from KE5HTB
30 ' flagpole bought at harbor freight

need plans for the wiring needed to build a 80-10m vert using this flagpole setup. or any flagpole for that matter. this flagpole is easier for me to get is all.

have not ... Read More About This Project

General Class License

from K0SCL
Studying and taking class preparing for taking the General Class License Exam in September 2010.

Getting the antennas in the air

from KC9KXT
I live in a 3 story house in which the roof peak is 30' to 40'. I have 2 three legged tripods i'm going to mount on the peak for my antennas. The problem with this is it's near impossible to get to from an extension ladder. I have a verticle, And a c ... Read More About This Project

Hallicrafters SR-150 restore

from WD0GOF
I have two of these inprocess. Power supplies are complete. Every thing works on one now but the RX is just a little (about 6db) weak. I have it narrowed down to RF amp or first mixer. The other has intermittant oscillations in the TX

Hallicrafters SR-2000 Restore

from WD0GOF
The power supply has been recapped tested and is completed. The R/T unit is in process. The Rx is finished and working fine. The TX has some bias problems.

Hallicrafters SR-500 restore

from WD0GOF
Power supply required complete rebuild all caps and rectifiers, now complete. RX works, but motor boats with high level signals. So still have some agc work to do. TX works works great 420 to 550 watts with a clean spectrum.

Ham Radio Novice Course or Ham Radio Initial Course

from YY1CIR
To use technical radio expertise, IT skills and knowledge, instructional and trainer experience plus design studies to develop a fresh ham radio course. These course must be aimed to employ all multimedia and web capabilities avalaibles and under th ... Read More About This Project

Home brew antennas

from N8IZY
I enjoy building all different type of wire antennas and VHF/UHF beams i consider my self a antenna gorew.

Home Brew Computer Defined HF Rig

from W3YK
The plan is to do the A/D conversion directly after the preamp/LNA and pre filter input and use a digitally derived oscillator for the transmit so that the transciever is as digital as possible.


from G4GQL
After 4 years of experiments and tests I finally cracked it!

We moved to a flat and it is difficult to find any satisfactory antenna.

I tried everything you can think of, from a hidden stainless steel long wire, to a MFJ eye wat ... Read More About This Project

Homebrew 1.1 balun

from KY4DCH
Made my own Homebrew 40 m dipole 80 Meter will be next. I hope it works lol

Homebrew YC-156 amplifier

from W2CO
I have been building grounded grid amps since the 80's, from 4-1000A's, 4-400's, 3-500Z's to 4cx1500's and 3cx1500A7's. I was working in MRI repair industry a few years back, and they were pulling good yc-156's because they couldn't hit the 73dbm FDA ... Read More About This Project

Honeycombcd By lord william saint

from M6AUM
The HoneycombCd was recently released into the market by After producing the HoneycombCd For Lord william saint The Cd was produced at amazon music publishing company of which createspace is a subsidiary The Honeycombcd is a midtempo ... Read More About This Project

Horizontal Loop HF Antenna

from AA6TS
After finishing erecting my HF dipole, Gap Titan DX vertical, and VFH/UHF vertical, my next project is a good receive antenna. After hearing about other's success with a loop antenna, I decided this is something I want to try.

HP-606A Signal Generator Restoration

from NM5TF
I acquired a HP-606A Signal Generator from e-bay for the ridiculous price of only $75. If you're not familiar with this piece of gear, it is truly a "boat-anchor"...both figuratively & literally. The manual states that it weighs 46 lbs, ... Read More About This Project

HW-101 Serial Numbers Project

from WA1ISA
Looking for HW-101 Serial Numbers for an ongoing research project. I am looking to compile a listing as to production quantities and Serial Number Ranges. Your call will be credited next to your S/N if you wish. I hope to put this on the Internet for ... Read More About This Project


from DG1SGW
After very good results with I-PRO TRAVELLER ANTENNA i decided to install on the new place in my garden plot an I-PRO HOME ANTENNA. It was very difficult to get with the AIRCELL 7 cable trough my house, but with the great help of my wife Margit i can ... Read More About This Project

Icom IC-7000 and AH-4 mobile

from KC7BYY
Install radio, tuner, antennas

Instalation of a stealth antenna

from KF4FM
To get around my HOA restriction I installed a 102 inch whip on the aluminum structure of my pool/patio screen enclosure. It is tuned by a MFJ-927 remote tuner which does a good job down to 40 meters. I will try a 150 foot long wire this weekend whi ... Read More About This Project

J-Pole Antenna Relocation

from KK4NEF
Will be relocating j-pole antenna to eaves of house. This will be done in order to gain greater height and to make more secure to house.

Kenwood TH-F7 mods.

from EI7GMB
Just having some thoughts of having my HT modified to make more than it can do already. Hard cookie with HT which already can do more than any other HT around. After all one of the simplest (and legal) mods is making it able to do CW!

The ... Read More About This Project


from KD0OHB
How to use this!

KT-34 antenna

from WD4OHM
I have purchased a KT-34 antenna and I have taken it totally apart cleaned each piece thoughly. I have purchased upgrade kit for it from M2 along with new balun. It will go on my tower and I will move 6 meter antenna to the other tower. At long la ... Read More About This Project

LEO Satelite AZ/EL Controller

from KE7MRB
I am starting work on a simple system that will allow me to operate the LEO birds with simple light weight antennas. What I am thinking is a set of VHF/UHF egg beater antennas that are controlled by a microcontroller.

Ideally I would like ... Read More About This Project

Log online

from IK7IMP

Loop antenna

from K6FN
my next project is to replace a dead OCF dipole with a 4 wave length loop.. fed with 40' of 450 ohm ladder line to a good current balun and 1/2" hardline into the station. looking forward to shooting lines in trees and installing the pulley/coun ... Read More About This Project

Loop Antenna

from KE4GMK
Constructing a 80 meter loop antenna.

Low Cost APRS Weather

from KE7MRB
I am designing a low cost Microprocessor Based Board that will provide an APRS weather solution. The board is very low power and will interface with a radio directly, no TNC is required. This low power board is designed to run from a solar charged ... Read More About This Project

LP-PAN Panadator

from N4GW
I recently purchased the LP-PAN from Telepost which allows me to tie into the IF port on the back on the Kenwood TS-850. The LP-PAN then ties into my USB emu 0202 soundcard so I can use spectrum scope software on the Computer. See my profile on you ... Read More About This Project

Mag-loop 3/4" Copper Pipe Octagon for 80m

from AC8NS
This is a basic magnetic loop antenna sized for 80m, with possible tuning to 40m if sufficiently low minimum capacitance can be achieved. It is based on calculations performed at

Read More About This Project

Magnetic Loop 80-20m

from ON3VNA
Build up some experience with magnetic loops.


from KF4TOH

Mobile HF - Chevy HHR

from K4TLB
Set up a mobile HF station i my Chevrolet HHR.

Must ocnsider antennas (hamsticks, screwdrivers, etc), mounting locations, and the radio I want.

Goal would be to talk on everything in the 80 through 6 meters range but 40 through ... Read More About This Project

Moderate power amp.

from VE3LYX
I built a Am excitier but it produces only about a 1/4 watt. Still it worked well and is actually a transceiver (4 tubes)so i decided to build a moderate power amp complete with bufer amplifier so I could use it with any Am project I wanted to build. ... Read More About This Project

modos digitales psk 31

from WP4DT
proyecto en modo digitales estoy usando ham radio delux hasta ahora ya e echos varios contasto con america y europa trabajando varias banda 80 a 10 metro estoy usando un ft950 de la yaesus una antena sirio 827 que cubre 40 a 10 metro con tuner radio ... Read More About This Project

Motorcycle Amateur Radio

from W0STL
Wire my 2000 Harley Davidson Police Road King for 2 meter and/or 70 cm mobile operation.

Mulitband Fan Dipole

from KC0VEP
I had wanted to start this project for a while. I got the idea from the ARRL antenna book. In it, they showed how someone had used ladderline to make a mulitband fan dipole for 4 bands. I decided that I wnated to try and make one for 8 bands. Aft ... Read More About This Project

Multi-Band Fan Dipole from CAT-V Cable

from W3TUA
I'm attempting to build a portable 80,40,20, and 15m fan dipole out of CAT-V networking cable.

My Antenna Tower

from K1NWB
converting a 27 foot 'light tower' into a 40 foot antenna tower.

MY Blogs

from KA2HMR Robert Tayne

My BRAND NEW PADDLE! the Black Widow Paddle Kit!

from CT1BWW
I don't know why but I always get more preference for Paddles, Iambic instead of Straigh Key. A few years ago I get a small collection about 16 Paddles, nowadays a reduce for the Paddle I think are really Good Paddles: Vibroplex, ETM, CT , Kent,and m ... Read More About This Project

My first Ham Radio

from KD8NNZ
I earned my Ham Technician License earlier this year, and would like to get my first radio setup and working this year. I am looking to start on local 2M repeaters in the Kalamazoo, MI area to get experience talking on Ham radio. Eventually I'd l ... Read More About This Project

my Ham qth

from AD4Y
hopefully my new ham qth some day

My new "Ham Station"

from VK4VKR
Time to build my own ham station separate to the garage.

My Projects will be on a seperate blog.....

from KC2PLJ

This is where I keep all of my new notes and reviews. I plan on placing a couple of easy antenna ideas on here as well, check it out!

My Shack

from K9MHM
Maybe with in 2 weeks I can start back up on my shack!!! Been busy for the last 2 years helpping others with there most of all my G/F's computer room building her a room hope to get all the rest of the wood then cut it get'er done!!! Got some new ... Read More About This Project

My vertical - home brew

from W3NRL
OK just finished making my vertical and installed it in the back yard. hooked everything and went inside the shack went to the tuner and tuned 40 meters wooooow no problem put my call out and first dx came back ua3dx ( Gena) came back my report 59+ ... Read More About This Project


from DG1SGW
I have built an endfeeded Antenna in halfwave length for 40 and 20 m which are working very well with a good swr ratio over the whole band. Could work some new dxcc's with these new antennas, working very quiet and flat in an good angle down from the ... Read More About This Project

Off-the-shelf Radio Rack

from HS0ZHM
Compact, space saving radio rack for HF,VHF radios,meters, HT battery charger, HT storage, and computer interface using a store-bought mini-storage rack unit and PVC pipe and fittings. [Note: For some reason I couldn't upload the photos for this pro ... Read More About This Project

please delete this account

from AC4MO
please delete account and assign to new callsign holder.. thank you

portable repeater

from DY2MPL
i am building a portable repeater using 2 handheld icom 02series,by modifying and adding extra circuit using a general x-sistor on sries with a resistor and a diode connected to the IC-TC 4069,I am now on its test broadcast,updates and diagram will b ... Read More About This Project

Power Amplifer GI-7b

from CO2MM
Power amplifer homebrew with valv GI-7b. 400 watts.

power control box

from VK2WSC
i have made quite a few power boxes to assit in using more than 1 radio of the one power supply bit neater have improved in each model enjoying it

Pre-amp for microphone

from KB7QAG
Wired inline pre-amp for mic,so it well boost
up the gain and also have a tone in jack
Ebay .
Well on the slope box it well have
key board (16 keys) that runs off from
Read More About This Project

Programming cable - FT60R

from KD5TMS
I wanted to embrace the spirit of amateur radio: Home brew! What better project for a first timer than something like a simple programming cable? There are boundless tutorials for making the popular Baofeng cable, but I could not find any USB base ... Read More About This Project

QSL Card Printing

from W8ASH
I am new representatives for UX5UO Print in USA. If you are interested in purchasing cards, contact me at

RadioTelephone Tutor: GROL plus Ship Radar Endorsement

RadioTelephone Tutor prepares you for the FCC GROL and Ship Radar Endorsement exams. Acts like a real tutor. Drill you on missed questions till you know the answers backwards and forwards.

Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio

from ZS5JM
A Go-Kit is a portable amateur radio station which the radio amateur can take when needed in case of emergency or event.


from KB8CSL
224.680 Dayton now online 224.760 Vandalia now online 224.720 Dayton now online 443.600 Dayton now online 53.290 Dayton being repaired

Restoring a AM TX (40 / 80 meters) 2x6DQ5 Tubes

from PY2VR
This is a AM TX manufactured by a old brazilian ham, Mr. Jose Minilo. Minilo was a Car Mechanician, he didn't knows drive cars however he was a very competent guy to build excelent AM Transmitters for ham radio. This TX receveid a commercial name, ... Read More About This Project


from CT1BWW
From Small Wonder Labs, I've already received the Rockmitte 20 Meters Transceiver KIT.
Very good packaging and very good comunication
more info here:
That's a good Challenge of course electronic today i ... Read More About This Project

RS-232 (DB9) CWtalk Interface

from KI4UJY
This project was built to overcome my lack of CW skills and to hasten my ability to get on the air. The only working radio I have is a QRP rig so I want to go CW and RTTW quickly. The interface isolates the Radio completely from the computer using ... Read More About This Project

Satellite antenna

from G0UFV
This is the satellite antenna that i am building at the moment. It is a very simple design. Unfortunately it is not very portable as the beam is fixed, so /p is not very practicle. Great as a first sat antenna.

SDR conversion on Icom IC910H

from K3ROJ
Tapping off of the 10.850 MHz I.F. before it is filtrered. Goes to an SDR-IQ receiver through a buffer amplifier, a Clifton Laboratories unit. More to follow


from KC2YYZ
Building a full featured portable HAM Shack. More info to come.

Six Meter Radios

from KC4ZVW
home-built projects

Small Wonder Labs SW+ series of single band QRP transceivers

from WA7DUY
Dave Benson, K1SWL sells a series of single band cw transceivers at a reasonable price ($55 each right now). These are direct conversion QRP transceivers with a vfo that covers all or part of the band of interest. I am currently trying to debug a S ... Read More About This Project

Softrock RX boards

from KC4ZVW
The first four kits availiable

Software-Defined Radio Familiarization

from DV1VHY
This is my second go with ham radio. Now I have my own station and operating on HF and VHF. I met new friends and we seem to be on the same wavelength. Max, has introduced my to the world of software defined radio as well as homebrewing. I am terribl ... Read More About This Project

Solis State Class E

from GW8LJJ
See for the projects and available kits.


from K7RIM
Purchase bulk digital licensed music for online broadcasting billboard top 20 quarterly.

Speaker RF bridge console

from VE6ND
I have taken and am in the process of converting a Hammond (basket case)speaker to a Collins winged console. Same height and cosmetic features however will be installing a rf coupler, filter and notch filter.

Spider SP1 CW Transceiver Kit

from VE3EEI
I put this kit down in 1992 and just picked it up recently. Will be finishing it up after the move to the new QTH and I get a 30 meter antenna up....

Stancor 110CM Restoration

from WA5UEK
This Stancor 110CM transmitter was a real mess when I received it. It was missing its plate transformer and both high power filter chokes. The wiring (these transmitters were built as kits) looked as if a third grader did it. After assessing it th ... Read More About This Project

Swan 350 rebuild

from KG7ZZZ
Bought a Swan 350 from eBay, seller did not know if it was in working condition or not (no power supply for it), but the price was acceptable (even with shipping), so I bought it. Once I got it, I cleaned it a bit and blew the dust out and looked at ... Read More About This Project

Tarheel II Mount on Spare Tire Rack (Jeep Liberty)

from KD7UFF
I needed to change the mount I was using for my Tarheel II 6M-80M Screwdriver antenna.. I was using a K-400 Diamond mount.. The problem I had was when I would open the rear door of my Jeep Liberty I would have to pull the antenna back just a bit to g ... Read More About This Project

Terminal Emulator

from KC4ZVW
Notes: ====== ECMA-48 ------- Control Functions for Coded Character Sets, equivalent to ISO/IEC 6429.


from N4QB


from N4QB


from N0VF

The "simple" 20m vertical

from KE5OVE
Wanted to get more contacts on 20m PSK...well I got them. With the simple 20m vertical. I know all of the Elmers out there will say it cannot work....well, it works and very well at that. Check out the PICTURES of it. Farthest contact made with i ... Read More About This Project

The Adventurer Adventure!

from KC2VDM
The restoration of a Johnson Viking Adventurer.

The great 160 meter loop experiment!

from KW4VL

The small Antenna with 30 inch boom

from W3NRL
I started this project with the interest from reading many reviews on the little antenna which is build by the company TAk-tenna. this little guy real got my attention so i got myself involved and started this project by ordering the guy, i was going ... Read More About This Project

The small Antenna with 30 inch boom

from W3NRL
Send your feed back -- Please --


from 2E0SCO


from YB2VTO
On Nov 7, 2008 my old antenna (dipole) was hit by strong wind. The iron mast was almost broke into 2.
So I need new antenna and mast to support the antenna. Instead of using the same kind of antenna and mast, I decided to use new kind of antenn ... Read More About This Project


from WB7WBW
We put up a 40' U.S. Tower.

TRANSVERTER 28-50 MHz (6m)

from IK0IXI
A 20W 6m Transverter with I.F: 28 MHz.

uBITX 3-30 MHz SSB Transceiver Build - with my grandson

from WB8BEL

UFYMCA Agreement Plan

from 1989SHACK
Global Village Network G. V. N company

Upgrade to General Class

from KJ4FFD
I want to get my General Class ticket, want to really get out there and work some serious DX.

USi - United States Islands Award Program

from W5VK
The USi is an opportunity for US hams to have a lot of fun by operating from islands located along the US shoreline, in rivers and lakes.


from N3WXW
Just for fun. I purchased the vectronics 40m reviver and transmitter.I also added the receive SSB/CW filter with built in speaker amp. I will be building my own en-closer for it.

Video Input Modification

from KF4EON
If you have an older model modular RCA these are easily converted to video monitors with the addition of a simple two transistor circuit. Looking at the schematic of the MAK001 or MCK001/2 modules, it shows that the demodulator chip produces about ... Read More About This Project

Viking II Restoration

from KB3RJH
My dad bought this Viking II from a SK estate sale some 20 years ago and never did anything with it, he said the wife of the ham said it might have been hit by lightning and that's why it wasn't working but, I have yet to see any sort of signs of a l ... Read More About This Project

VK6DU Mulitband vertical

from VK6DU
Multiband vertical 40-6m home brew.


from W8STU

W9VW Remote Station

from K9LZJ
Visit K9LZJ on UTube for a video on a remote station that has been built by myself and k9sg, k9xv, wb9ycz, w9hbh, w8ye, and k9lzj. Also do a search for W9VW on Utube and get a short video showing the antenna farm of the station.

W9VW Remote Station

from K9LZJ
Visit K9LZJ on UTube for a video on a remote station that has been built by myself and k9sg, k9xv, wb9ycz, w9hbh, w8ye, and k9lzj.

World wide Operator

from AE5MS
I have been into Ham Radio for several years and enjoy talking all over the world.

WSPR Lite from SOTAbeams!

from DG1SGW
Running it mostly on 80M with 5mW on my inverted L antenna. It can transmit with 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 mW on the 479kc band, also on 160, 80, 40, 30, and 20M. Great fun for small money. Vy 73 de Klaus, DG1SGW.

Yaesu AMP

from K9KUZ
Yaesu FP-1000 amp died after power outages. Problem is in power supply, which is now on the bench in pieces. Looks like a resistor is blown. - Collins S-line twins at the War Museum, are now undergoing updates. -

YouTube Videos

from WA4SQM
I noticed, when I was looking at radios, it was hard to find non-written, head-to-head comparisons of gear. You basically have to go to someones shack or to the radio store, and that might not be viable. I decided to put up some videos (under my VQ9 ... Read More About This Project