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Jack Oyler
Extra Class
Ham Since 1982
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Broadcast FM
Broadcast TV
Amateur Radio Ministries, e.g. HCJB,
TWR, TTBR, etc.

email add.

working presently in N. Arkansas for
PBS affiliate TV stat. KEMV for 20+ yrs.
Prev. 10 years with CSX RR in Atlanta
Ga. radio shop.

KW TS-520S
Y/M FT301
Tempo 1
National NCX 500
Maggiore VHF Hi-pro Rptr on 145.11/ sell or Tr.
Moto Micor/Motrac/Radius
Moto C73RCB Rptr.
Zenith TransOceanic Rec.- will trade?
Moto B73MPB Base Station- "
Heathkit SB200

Other Interests
Mayan Calender esp. 12/2012

Like to acquire Ten Tec corsair 2,
Collins KWM2, Drake TR series
or similar for HF
on air operations. Trade or buy...

Stone Co [AR] Amateur radio Club
Hams For Christ Fellowship

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