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Martin M Sheriff
Technician Class
1989SHACK Ham Since 1989

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My Ham Radio Interests
Social Media Network
Security Networking
Investigation in Planning and Programming
Building Community
Brands Developers
Website Designers
Web Developers

We have all of the best "Equipment" in Computer Science, Social Media Marketing, Security Networking, Brads Development, and Global Infrastructure Hosting Platform for all in the virtual and real world.

Other Interests
Global Village Network G. V. N Inc.

Cell #s:(+231)770443901/888349713

Social Media Marketing Examine
Facebook Marketing Partner
Global Village Network (GVN)
United Friends of YMCA (UFYMCA)
METS Afrika4D
Natasha Sasha Obama's Friends and Fans Clubs @

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gvn power
The best in the world @ Global Village Network G. V. N. Worldwide
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Comment from 1989SHACK 1/16/2016 4:16:01 PM
I am so please and very much gratify with the opportunity that i have over the past two (2) in my life. Thank God so much for His mercy and continue grace upon my life. I extend my thanks and appreciation to United Nations for Human Rights-Humanitarian Support Worldwide on

Comment from 1989SHACK 7/26/2017 2:01:15 AM
Global Village Network G.V.N We are building together here

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G. V. N Development
Global Village Network G. V. N
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Graduation Day @ MVTC Electronics Student @ D Time
Graduation Day @ MVTC Electronics Student @ D Time

1989SHACK's Blog Post - 11/3/2015 4:08:52 AM

Global Village Network G. V. N-STATION BLOG ENTRY

Global Village Network G. V. N Liberia-worldwide
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