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5/12/2009 6:40:39 AM - There's been a lot of updates introduced to the site over the past year. It's time for an official update. We've added quite a bit, including an Activity section and a quick access side Profile Bar to other information about the Ham's info you're viewing.

3/29/2008 - You now have the ability to easily invite others to Look for the "Tell A Friend" feature in your control panel.

1/26/2008 - You can now build a social network with My Ham Hamshack's Connection Network

11/9/2007 - Blog Comments No Longer Require Registration

7/16/2007 - We recently acquired MyHamShack.COM - please update your bookmarks.

5/23/2007 - Free Ham Radio Related Classifieds are now available!

5/22/2007 - You now have the ability to delete pictures.

4/26/2007 - My Ham Shack is now live and available.

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My Ham Shack is a place where you get a personal web page for you and your shack. Your friends, family and fellow Amateur Radio Operators will have a place to go to admire your Ham Shack. For example, if your callsign is W9SRK, then your web page address will be

You will have a Station Blog so you can write information about you, your ham shack, your experiences, etc.

You can build your network of Connections.

You will have a place to upload pictures of your ham shack and radio equipment to share with the world.

Create and share your own instructional projects. Learn what other hams have done to improve, fix, restore and upgrade equipment in the Projects section. Show others how you put up your own tower.

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Station Blog Activity

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Hello folks - From N8OHU 3/12/2015
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Announced DXPeditions Webpage - From WB4IUY 2/26/2015
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53.29 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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443.600 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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224.680 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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224.720 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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224.760 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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About Me KK4TRL: - From KK4TRL 1/26/2015
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W4D W4C ESPECIAL EVENT 2015 - From WP4DT 1/13/2015
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Latest Classifieds

FT2000 with extra options from VE3REJ: I have for sale Yaesu 100W HF/6M AC/DC DSP XCV Serial no:F8300066. Included:-Original box,operating manual,The Nifty Mini-Manual,power cable,microphone MH31,firmware upgrade cable CT119,Ameritron Amp. ARB-704 interface buffer with cabling and plugs+ ... Read more ...

James Knight Type T-9 Quartz xtal units from WB4IUY: - Batch of James Knight Type T-9 Quartz xtal units, Metal can like tube w/Octal base. 50kc, 97kc, 99kc, 101kc, 103kc, 105kc, 107kc, 130kc, 144kc, & 150kc (2pcs). $5ea or $50 for the lot + shipping. Located and shipped from Youngsville NC, USA ... Read more ...

ISD1000A Voice Record/Playback chip from WB4IUY: - ISD1000A Voice Record/Playback chip w/20 second memory with application notes from Radio Shack (Archer), #276-1325. VERY easy to build digital voice storage with, I used these in some of my homebrew repeater controllers for voice ID functions. This ... Read more ...

KVP-5 rectifier blocks from WB4IUY: - KVP-5 rectifier blocks. 5kv @ 1A. Normally $41.34 ea, I'm selling these for $10 ea. Awesome rectifier for HV supply construction. Eliminates the need for a bunch of stacked diodes in your HV supply. Located and shipped from Youngsville NC, USA. ... Read more ...

Panel Meters from WB4IUY: - Loads of panel meters for sale. Too many to list, I've put a list of them online at: I update it each time a meter is sold. $10 each. If you want multiples, contact me and let's work a deal. Located an ... Read more ...

Weller WC1000 from WB4IUY: - Weller WC1000 Calibration Reference Unit For EC1000, EC2000 Series soldering stations. $50 shipped in the USA. Located and shipped from Youngsville NC, USA. Email me at with any questions or offers. Read more ...