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My Ham Shack is a place where you get a personal web page for you and your shack. Your friends, family and fellow Amateur Radio Operators will have a place to go to admire your Ham Shack. For example, if your callsign is W9SRK, then your web page address will be

You will have a Station Blog so you can write information about you, your ham shack, your experiences, etc.

You can build your network of Connections.

You will have a place to upload pictures of your ham shack and radio equipment to share with the world.

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Station Blog Activity

70 years of spanish URE! - From DG1SGW 4/22/2019
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The Power of Amateur Radio (in watts) - From K8TQ 3/11/2019
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Over 25 Years - From TL7DX 2/17/2019
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HF Band Lows - From N7RD 11/6/2018
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Shack Update - From N7RD 10/26/2018
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K8JGG/QRP - From K8JGG 8/22/2018
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HRD, The Bain of my existence. - From W3ENG 8/3/2018
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W0XB - From KY4DCH 8/2/2018
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Anyone using a Kenwood TS-990s - From K2ITT 6/7/2018
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